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Image: Quantum 60kW Deionized water heater

Trebor's thin film on quartz electric resistive heating technology is ideal for your ultra pure DI water heating applications when process control, cleanliness, and system uptime are of the utmost importance. Use of heated DI water in your manufacturing process improves cleaning effectiveness, thereby reducing throughput times and water consumption.

Trebor’s exclusive electric quartz DI water heating technology is trusted for long life, low maintenance and high purity. This market-leading technology is now available in the affordable Q-Series heater – a system ideal for batch cleaning applications requiring a steady flow of high purity DI water on demand. Hot DI water has been proven to improve cleaning efficiency, enhance process stability, and increase production throughput.

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Images Above: Inline Chemical and DI water heaters

"No other company in the world can do what we do with heaters"

Trebor’s Inline Chemical Heaters are unlike any other heating technology on the market because of our thin film on quartz electric resistive technology. That technology, combined with high purity materials, a quick ramp up time, crevice-free design, and customizable configurations, creates reliable and efficient heating that has proven effective for the past 10 years. Because of the design simplicity and flexibility, we can accommodate a wide range of application needs with only two models – a high temperature version and a low temperature version. These inline heaters are best suited as a plug-and-play design for a wide variety of applications, especially when fluids need to be heated quickly, which decreases your costs. They are constructed of quartz elements encased in PFA tubing. In addition, these heaters are modular and can be customized to your application, whether that means power requirements, space requirements, temperature requirements, or housing requirements.

IQ Series Data Sheet 

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