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Here at Sel-Tek Limited our sole purpose is to provide a world-class service by presenting a fully augmented product range to all of our customers. Our prominent market position as an enduring, advanced technology equipment supply and service support centre, ensures that we concentrate our investments into promising future fields to maintain that standard. Despite being independent, Sel-Tek Ltd endeavours to retain a systematic co-operation between ourselves and our associates. We are long standing members of the Federation of Small Businesses as well as the National Microelectronics Institute, and are also proud to be recognised as certified "Signature Service Providers" for Trebor® International (part of the global IDEX Health & Science Group); since the program's inception in 1999.                       

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Sel-Tek Ltd's objective is to become the number one company of choice by providing products and services which are not analogous within our industry, whilst continuing to deliver and support differentiated semiconductor solutions based on advanced technologies that gives you the customer, the competitive advantage you desire. The significance of the semiconductor industry is more pronounced than at any time in the past. The industrial development in the 19th century was based on the steam engine, which was developed into the railways. Throughout the 20th century, scientific advancements in electricity and telecommunications changed the way we lived. Our society in the 21st century is a digital age that will be driven by the semiconductor.

Our experienced management team are enhanced by a highly trained, dedicated and syndicated sales / service personnel whose primary concern is endorsing the companies ethos of a "Commitment To Customer Care", Sel-Tek Limited shall continue to offer bespoke application solutions to the semiconductor and related electronics sector Europe-wide.

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