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Celadon Systems Inc, based in Burnsville, Minnesota, is a worldwide leader in high performance probing solutions for monitoring DC parameters of semiconductor devices at the wafer level. Celadon focuses on the probe card which makes the electrical contact with the wafer, the card holder, cabling and interfaces to the semiconductor test system.  

Celadon holds many international patents and has solved major industry problems such as:

  • Probe card crash resistance  
  • Ultra Low leakage  
  • Fast Settling time  
  • Simplified reliable interconnects  
  • Multi-Site high temperature burn in  
  • Wafer matched thermal expansion probe cards  
  • Multi-Site probe card in ceramic probing technologies  

Celadon are the technology leader in providing Multi-Site probing solutions which operate over a standard temperature range from -65°C to +300°C. Their products are ideally matched to customers in semiconductor R&D labs, or wafer fab production, who wish to monitor wafer level reliability (WLR) of transistors, circuits or semiconductor process characteristics.

Celadon' s range of probe cards are the ideal compliment to our range of Signatone probe stations. To access the full range of products and services available from Celadon, please click on the following link's;

T200/300 WLR series probe cards 

Celadon Versatile                                  

T40AF series probe cards               

T40AFIC series probe cards             

T40LL series probe cards                

T40LLIC series probe cards                

T72 series probe cards                     

Versatile & MiniTile probe cards     

AttoFastT & Coaxial Probes             

or visit the website at;

Celadon Systems